Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Half-Life 2: Episode Two – originaliojo „Half-Life 2“ papildymas, išleistas 2007 m. spalio 10 d. Šiame žaidime žaidėjas tęsia Gordono Freemano nuotykius jau po antrosios žaidimo dalies istorijos.


Norėdami naudoti kodus, pirmiausia turėsite paredaguoti vieną failą.
Su teksto redaktoriumi atsidarykite “ep2cfgconfig.cfg”
failą, esantį žaidimo direktorijoje. Tada pakeiskite “con_enable” linijos skaičių į “1”.

Žaidimo metu atsidarykite konsolę su ~ ir įveskite ‘sv_cheats 1’, kad aktyvuotumėte kodų režimą.

Disable cheat mode – sv_cheats 0

Toggle enemy artificial intelligence – ai_disable

Toggle Buddha mode, damage does not result in death – buddha

Spawn airboat – ch_createairboat

Spawn jeep – ch_createjeep

Toggle God mode – god

Lose indicated number of health points – hurtme

All weapons and ammunition – impulse 101

Wireframe mode – mat_wireframe 1

No clipping mode – noclip

Toggle ignored by enemies – notarget

Display damage done to enemy in wireframe mode – r_modelwireframedecal 1

Allows no clipping while game is paused – sv_noclipduringpause 1

Unlimited auxiliary power – sv_infinite_aux_power 1

Set gravity; default is “600” – sv_gravity

Shows trigger brushes when set to 0 – showtriggers 0

Bind key to console command – bind

Toggle display of frame rate and filename of current map- cl_showfps

Toggle current position and angle display – cl_showpos

Toggle crosshair – crosshair

Display current positional co-ordinates – getpos

Spawn item, one time only – give

Save screenshot to “episodicscreenshots.[number]” – jpeg

Commit suicide – kill

Load indicated map to a specific map – map

List map names – maps *

Level performance tools – perfui 1

Play back existing demo – playdemo

Records a demo of your game – record

Reload current save file – reload

Restart the current level – restart

Set view direction – setang

Set position on the map – setpos

Shake your character – shake

Stop demo recording – stop

Spawn names:

Use one of the following entries with the npc_create code:

Alyx – npc_alyx
Antlion – npc_antlion
Antlion Guard – npc_antlionguard
Barnacle – npc_barnacle
Barney – npc_barney
Breen – npc_breen
Ceiling Turret – npc_turret_ceiling
City 17 Citizen – npc_citizen
Combine Dropship – npc_combinedropship
Combine Gunship – npc_combinegunship
Combine Helicopter – npc_helicopter
Combine Metrocop – npc_metropolice
Combine Scanner – npc_cscanner
Combine Soldier – npc_combine_s
Crab Synth – npc_crabsynth
Crow – npc_crow
Dog – npc_dog
Eli – npc_eli
Fast Headcrab – npc_headcrab_fast
Fast Zombie – npc_fastzombie
Father Gregori – npc_monk
Floor Turret – npc_turret_floor
Gman – npc_gman
Headcrab – npc_headcrab
Headcrab Launcher – npc_launcher
Ichthyosaur – npc_ichthyosaur
Kleiner – npc_kleiner
Manhack – npc_manhack
Mortar Synth – npc_mortarsynth
Mossman – npc_mossman
Pigeon – npc_pigeon
Poison Headcrab – npc_headcrab_poison
Poison Headcrab – npc_headcrab_black
Poison Zombie – npc_poisonzombie
Rollermine – npc_rollermine
Seagull – npc_seagull
Stalker – npc_stalker
Strider – npc_strider
Vortigaunt – npc_vortigaunt
Zombie – npc_zombie
Zombie without legs – npc_zombie_torso
Zombine(Combine Zombie) – npc_zombine

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