Need for Speed 4: High Stakes

Need for Speed 4: High Stakes
Need for Speed 4: High Stakes

Need for Speed: High Stakes dalis pasižymėjo karjeros režimu bei dvikovomis „high stakes“ kur užstatomas automobilis, laimėjusysis pasiima pralošusiojo automobilį, kurio iki tol nebuvo, išliko policijos persekiojimas.


Type these codes anywhere in the Main Menu:


TP 00-15 – Drive As Traffic Cars
GOFAST – Upgrade Engine
MONKEY – Upgrade Automatic Transmission
MOON – Low Gravity
MADLAND – Super Human Opponents
HOTROD – Be titan(Verry funny)
FLASH – Phatom car.
WHIRLY – Now you are a helicopter.
NFS_PD – Extra police car.


BUY – Free Purchase
UP0 – No Upgrades
UP1 – First Upgrade
UP2 – 2nd Upgrade
UP3 – 3rd Upgrade
GATES – Cash Increase
ALLCARS . Now you have all the cars!
ALLTRACKS . You have all the tracks!
MONKEY . Gearbox foster.
GATES . Exta Money.
BUY . Cars for free.


DCOP – Bonus Hot Pursuit Car
ECOP – Bonus Hot Pursuit Car
FCOP – Bonus Hot Pursuit Car


ACAR – Bonus Car
BCAR – Bonus Car
CCAR – Bonus Car
CARS – All Cars
TRACKS – All Tracks
ALLTIERS – Open All Tiers
OUTMYWAY – Unknown
RESETYA – Unknown

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